Consulting Business Travel

    • You have a company and you want to have a representative office in France?
    • You are looking for some partners in France?
    • You want to do research on the France market?
    • You want to meet a big corporation or company in France to discuss?
    • You want to participate in an exhibition or fair market in France?
    • Or you are an individual wanting to invest (movables or real estate) in France?

Consulting Business Travel provide all services to satisfy your requirement.

Cooperation between VCL France Business Club and TDT Travel


+ VCL France Business Club: This is the club of experts involve in trading and economy. They are French and Vietnamese living in many countries and all have interested in trading market, especially the commercial relationship between Europe, Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. These entrepreneurs with professional abilities, profound practical experiences will meet your demand of developing in France.   –



+ TDT Travel:In order to facilitate your arrival and staying in the foreign country, we deal with the following practical elements:

  • Administrative procedures and assistance to obtain your visa
  • Accommodation
  • Car-renting
  • Diverse guides
  • Interpreter
  • Other tailor-made services, to be discussed case by case
  • Tours in France, entertainment services during the trip


Các đơn vị vệ tinh




Đại Sứ Quán Việt Nam tại Pháp (Bộ phận phụ trách kinh tế, thương mại)


CCI PARIS (Phòng Thương mại và Công nghệ Paris)




 Diapason (Hiệp hội gồm các chuyên gia độc lập trong hai ngành luật và tài chính)


Our main services

  • Market research
  • Visiting some companies, arranging meetings with companies that you are interested in
  • Sourcing: searching and recommend those high quality and plentiful source
  • Administrative services: implementing administrative procedures before the trip, during and after the trip (visa, established company procedures….)
  • Consulting and follow up the file
  • Other services for business travel: hotels, transportation, interpreters, secretaries…
  • Event organizing: conference, exhibition to promote products…
  • The interim executive leadership during the transition
  • Intermediaries and facilitate the bilateral exchange of knowledge are interdependent

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When you leave the original sociocultural background of your enterprise to establish it in a foreign country, the company has to overcome many obstacles such as language and culture barrier. Use our Consulting Business Travel service, and you will get:

  1. The various consultations from the entrepreneurs who are specialized experts in the fields of economy and trade. And most of the experts speak Vietnamese – French – English.
  2. The counseling and working program was designed separately, suitable with the needs of each enterprise.
  3. Save more time and money when you use our services than when you do it yourself.
  4. Fully accompanied services: interpreter, secretary, transport … Clients only need to focus on working with partners.

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