TDT Travel offer tours made by our client’s own with the aim of making every trip not only a fulfilling experience but also special one. Joining the design work helps you get the best fitted tour in terms of your personality, hobby and finance. In addition, you can freely choose which services based on your requirement. Especially, working as a travel company majoring on self-design tour, TDT Travel guarantee to bring out our best to create the most relaxing, comfortable moment along with interesting experience.

1. Designing Instruction

Apart from the group of experienced employees, TDT Travel co-operates with experts in respect of travel and culture to give to the customersome sound advices:


Veronique Larscorz

She is not only a French Culture teacher, she is also the co-founder and director of

De France et de Navarre” (



An organization established with a view to conserving and preserving French cultural heritage and history. Veronique and her partners always bring out travelling products in order to introduce widely the specificities about this country and human’s culture tothe travelers. As a well-informed professor, Veronique will take clients to quaint lands, hundred-year castles and French traditional cuisine, which no other trips can make you more excited. .


Hồ Trung Chánh – Lecturer of HoaSen University.

As both a many-year experienced tour guide and an expert in field of designing tours of TDT Travel in United States, his believesthat a travel is the combination of what is called “country” and “human”. All of his programs often comprise these two main above-mentioned factors. He said that in every “expedition”, client will realize many interesting aspects about the culture and life of local people and then let yourself into the nature and explore new wonderful lands.

Moreover, Vietnamese travelers will always have a Vietnamese tour guide to go with. In every location, TDT Travel will provide clients local tour guide to make it more convenient for the visit.


2. Accommodation:

After a long day spent on sightseeing, we need a private space to relax and refresh and ‘fulfill your fuel’ for the next day. As depending on each one’s need and hobby, TDT Travel offers various services so that clients can freely choose which one best fit but still ensure some safety and quality as well as privacy criteria.


  • Hotel: We offer services whose standards range from a two-star hotel to a five-star one with the aim to create the coziest and most comfortable for clients.
  • Homestay: This is a kind of relaxation and a moment that you will live with local people in their own houses during the trip, which helps clients have a closer and more practical look at their lifestyle and culture. You will be regarded as a family member and join daily activities like have dinner together and talk afterwards. It must be an interesting experience.
  • Other services: Apart from these two choices, TDT Travel also offers clients some special one like: staying in quaint castles applied for tour going to France or experiencingthe camping life in some tours travel inAmerica,…


3. Cuisine:


Cuisine plays a vital role in any trips, which is also what TDT Travel takes most of concerns. Cuisine is not only a material culture but also a mental culture of every religion, nations. Clients can give out some of your favorite food habits; therefore, TDT Travel will choose restaurants, eating spots best suits. For Vietnamese visitor, wewill specially prepare Vietnamese traditional food in case clients require.


4.Another services:

It is not purely normal travel tours, TDT Travel want to bring the new and uniqueaspects to your trip such as:

  • When you travel to France, guests can enjoy a royal life with the formal banquets and ancient King’s costumes.
  • Enjoying a private party on a private yacht.
  • Participating in cultural events, cook with native people as Tulip festival, Light festival and street food festival.
  • Visiting the habitat and the work of a painter or a famous artist, …
  • Ceremony or honeymoon in the light capital – Paris.
  • Visiting France on carriage, limosine or even Ferrari supercar.
  • Traveling to Southern America and experience the feeling of sleeping in a tent like a true native.