Along with TDT Hotels & Resorts, TDT Event and Carrot, TDT Travel is part of TDT Group which was founded in 2011. TDT Travel is leading in designing and operating tailor-made tours both in Vietnam and overseas for individuals, companies and schools. Please visit section “Suggested routes” to find out more about the exciting experience of our tours.

At TDT Travel, we see the growing demand and the expanding market for specialised and personalised tours. Therefore, in addition to our typical package options, TDT Travel is pleased to offer you a much higher value service of tailor-made journeys that are designed specifically to your requests and expectations. Our dedicated experts with deep understanding and substantial experience in both domestic and foreign tour operation are always willing to listen to your particular requirements to build the most satisfactory itinerary for you. We hope the participation in designing your own tours will weaken your passion for discovery and inspire you to explore new places, which certainly make your trips more significant.
In collaboration with TDT Event, we also provide travelling services combined with event planning including honeymoon, wedding anniversary, team building, conference or seminar, etc.

Let’s make your next unforgettable journey with TDT Travel!